Green bird is small business with big idea. In Green Bird we believe contributing higher purpose should be involved in all our actions, also in business. We believe cycling tourism is good for environment and good for your health. Not only that, cyclist knows this very good – these experiences you cannot have on a bus tour or in a car. Active travel is a way to connect more authentically with a place.

This is local business and we work only with locals, trying to contribute local community. We eat food from our fields and we drink wine from our soil. What we get, you will get too. Our bike tours are combination of activities, attractions, local food and wine, history and culture!
Meet Dijana,

Dijana's passion for Montenegro doesn’t stop at offering the best bike tours. We're very proud that Dijana is a founder and is also current owner and CEO of Doclea Travel & Tours agency, based in Podgorica.

It is so amazing that Dijana finds time to lead the fight for responsible tourism in Montenegro. Green Bird is first big step forward towards this goal and we are sure there will be even more things to offer how time passes by.
Why GreenBird?

Because Montenegro is perfect to go around by bike, meet local friendly people, and visit places packed with culture, history and fun.
What do we offer?

Amazing bike tracks with different levels of difficulty. Full support uring the tour with our support vehicle. Fully guided by expert tour guides.
How we do?

By sharing Montenegro’s beauty.
By doing good for next generations.
By working hard every day.
By keeping having fun.
When have we started?

GreenBird was established in September 2019.
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Adresa: Bul. Svetog Petra Cetinjskog 79
Br. telefona: +3/82 69 27 77 49
E-mail: greenbirdmontenegro@gmail.com